"The Light & Sound of Deception"

"Withour Prejudice"



I would like to talk about Initiations first, and then I would like to provide an Initiation to Eckankar High Initiates, or anyone else who is interested, an Initiation into The Light & Sound of Sat Nam that you will never receive because Harold Klemp, like those before, are not Masters, but just men with certain knowledge of Phenomena and the human psyche.

If you did your homework (research) you would find that Paul Twitrchell refers to the intiation in the singular form. There is one initiation and in that soul is linked to the sound current of God. He does not say anything about 12 initiations; it is spoken of as a one time event. Paul was intiated only once by Kirpal Singh not 12 times.

Then there is the qusetion about the Eck Master Darwain Gross: as Paul Twitchell was the Eck Master from 1965 until his death in 1971, a period of 6 years, how did Darwain get to be a 12th? Starting as a neophyte, he would need 2 initiations a year to get to 12, and Darwin was only a High Iniatiate when Paul passed onto the Astral Plane where he remains, reading books.

Eckankar members receive their First Initiation during the first year of membership (usually after 3 months), and it comes in the dream state (read about my first initiation here >>> ).

After two years you can request the Second Initiation. Here you make a commitment to the Eck (not God) and you are CONNECTED to the Sound Current. According to a High Iniatiate, "There is no more important initiation or connection process than this first connection with the sound current". (In actuality you become connected to Satnam.)

There are Twelve Initiations and the Fifth is when one becomes a High Initiate, or Mahdis (maybe an 8th Initiate). After the Second Initiation, each subsquent step up the ladder (initiation) takes about five years. Each initiation is a sacred and joyous occasion, but this becoming a High Initiate, after about 25 years of membership, service and work, marks quite an EGO event, no matter how brainwashed you've tried to make yourself. All initiations above the Eight are inner initiations.

Each initiation from the Second through the Eighth is marked by a ceremony conducted by an ECK Initiator, who is an ECK cleric authorized by Sri Harold Klemp. Each initiation is a Kundalini bath of Kundalini energy, whereby you are told that, "you receive more of the Light and Sound of God in your life: that you have been opened to a whole new world of God's Light and Sound."

You can read about A Former 6th Initiate's Story" here >>>   28 years in Eckankar. (The so-called 6th initiation is another astral shower.)

If it's in this world - It's ALL about the money.
The root of ALL evil.

You will eventually find that Spiritual Freedom is unavailable to those who need a "Master," as ALL MASTERS are devils of Satan (Satnam). Don't take my word for it, or for anything written - Prove It To Your Self. Direct, personal, first-hand experience is the only proof of anything true.

13th. Initiation - The Truth About Where You Are.

Anyone can leave the body and travel the Inner Worlds of the microcosm, Soul. You do not need a Master, you need the Know How!

The following Technique will reveal to those who really do have an open mind, the Fallacy (definition: a deceptive, misleading, false notion or belief) of The Worlds of Eck. There are only 6 Planes of form and they are contained inside an Egg-like structure, created by Sat Nam (Satan).

The Technique will take you up to the Soul Plane and outside the Egg-like container.

The success of the technique depends upon your ability to "pretend" and nothing else.

Below is a sketch of the Soul Realm.

You will need to pretend to see the image of the Soul Plane at the third eye. (You need not be able to see this image clearly, or lucidly, for the technique to work.) The moment you first looked at this image it was stored in your soul. You just need to pretend to visualize it, to call it up out of soul to the third eye center. Now at the left hand-side of the Soul Plane there is a ledge (as shown below), and Fubbi Quantz is standing there with his staff.

You are going to fly up the the ledge at the left-hand side of the Soul Plane in your soul body and Fubbi is going to use his staff and knock you out of the soul body and through the side of the Egg-like vessel. Once this happens, fly up and away from the Egg-like vessel and then turn back and take a look. You now know what it looks like from the outside, the container of your prior belief system.


Find a chair in a quiet area of your home. Sit up straight and get comfortable. Close your eyes gently and relax from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Squirm around and wriggle in your chair until you are comfortable and relaxed. Take a couple of deep breaths to release any residual stress and focus your attention at the third eye. Now PRETEND that the image of the soul realm is at the third eye and fly out and up to the soul realm. Fly over to the ledge where Fubbi is waiting and he knocks you out of the sould body and through the side of the Egg. Fly up and outwards and stop and turn around and take a look.

When you're finished, just open your eyes. Above all don't be concerned if you are not having lucid visuals like in the dream state; the lucid visual is the exception and not the norm. Most people just see it happening in the twilight state. You see like you would your home if you walked around your home at night with all the lights off.

Like any skill in life you master that skill and become proficient by practice, practice, and more practice, not by knowing the information or instructions in a book. It's not easy, or everyone would be doing it; and because it is not easy, few people can persist long enough to make it work. It takes a lot of resolve to overcome the soul's whisperings, "it doesn't work, I can't do it, just more nonsense." Spend 20 to 30 minutes repeating the technique. Eventually you will catch it and it will happen to some degree of clarity. (How long have you wasted on those Eckankar techniques?)

Just go to the ledge on the soul realm and let Fubbi knock you outside the Egg without any thoughts of who, what, when, where, why or how; without any questioning. Don't have any expectations about what you should or shouldn't be experiencing, after all, why would you have any expectations, you've never done this before, so how could you expect anything? Don't even consider, "am I there yet?", just go and do it without any thought. Don't be concerned about how the technique works, just know that it does work and do it! Just be there like the little child pretending in the moment, and not thinking about whether it's real or not, but just making it happen by pretending. Just be like the little child who would pretend s-he is flying up and out of the body and out through the third eye to the soul ream. Just one thought and your instantly back in the physical body. Keep thinking, instead of pretending and doing, and you'll never get out through the third eye. It's all about pretending like a little child. Again, the success of the technique depends upon your ability to "pretend" and nothing else.