"The Light & Sound of Deception"

"Withour Prejudice"


The soul is an entity with Great power and ability. It functions in connection with the human brain and the five physical senses of the human body to create an experience for the mind. As such, the soul generates an energy field around and interpenetrating the human form (some call this an aura). Yes through this symbiotic relationship of the soul with the human form, the mind becomes identified with the human container, and this world is all it sees. Whether we are awake, or asleep, we are identified with this world and the contents of soul; to which we add to daily through the human experience.

The soul operates using light and sound to produce a virtual reality and create emotional attachments to those virtual realities. The light is the substance used to form and illuminate the images, while the sound is the essence used to animate the images and provide the sound tracks (voices, music, noise). We experience these stage and screen productions in the dream state; while in the waking state we experience "talking to ourself" even arguing mentally with this imagery coming from soul; and of course, day dreaming. Up until today you have just experienced it as "a part of life", now we hope you are thinking about this subtle operation of soul.

All thoughts are but collections of images strung together and/or superimposed upon each other. Yes international and intercultural, completely separate from language, images are grouped together and arranged in specific orders to form ideas, ideals, attitudes, opinions, beliefs, etc. A person's collective imagery underlies their every thought, word and action.

These stored images in the soul form the basis of all our thoughts, feelings, emotions, words and actions. They are in the soul, and they are guiding us through life, moment-to-moment, forming our attitudes, opinions, desires, belief systems and habits. Even "supernatural" experiences are just the generated phenomena created by the soul using the light and sound of its stored imagery. This is a tough pill to swallow for those who have had the amazing, belief altering experiences of soul's White Light. Unfortunately those amazing, wonderful, emotional and oh so real experiences were all orchestrated by soul to deceive and lead you astray. You went nowhere, you saw nothing real.

The soul is all powerful and uses its imagery and energy to produce fantastic virtual realities; whatever it takes to keep us from the truth and under its control. The soul can create anything from seeing Jesus, Muhammad, fairies, elves, angels, gods, goddesses, saints, saviours, ascended masters, demons, devils, ghosts, aliens, UFO's, unicorn winged horses . . . including images of God or the voice of God, whatever it takes to deceive us! Every deception from heaven to hell and inbetween is awaiting the seeker on soul's paths.

This phenomena generated by soul can be seen in the dream state as one drifts off to sleep, or in the twilight state of consciousness, just before waking in the morning, or during passive meditation, or active meditation. On rare occasions when the conditions are just right, soul's imagery can appear to be projected externally in front of you like a mirage in the desert.

One just can't believe that there could be anything better than the "White Light" experiences generated by soul.

And so we get the Phenomena of:
  • the Sound Current
  • Different Sounds on different planes
  • Flashes of Light
  • the White Light
  • the blue star
  • past Masters, Saints and Saviors
  • Voice of God, the Mahatna, etc.
  • angels, demons and devils
  • past lives and future predictions
  • add your own Phenomena here ____________________.

Whatever YOU need, whatever YOU desire, whatever YOU strive to see, is provided by the Soul of good & evil, just for YOU.

The Light & Sound are deceptions of the Soul; phenomena used to deceive the unknowing student. How exciting to tell another student, "Today I was on the soul plane; I heard the single note of a flute." You didn't see anything, but you believe you were there because a chart says so? Do you really believe that the beings on that plane have to constantly endure that noise?

I personally knew and saw a Hight Initiate who could project his Astal body on the wall of his living room. It looked like a shadowy figure, shorter and smaller than his physical body, and the room was filled with Kundalini energy. He eventually died from doing so: sudden heartattack. Interesting phenomena at the time.

I have heard the sounds of the planes during meditation and experienced numerous phenomena from chanting HU. I "believed" I was making progress, advancing Spiritually, when in reality it was just Phenomena deceiving me: the workings of the Soul.

My First Initiation with Harold Klemp occoured about 3 months after joining Eckankar. I was in the dream state on the Lower Astral when he drove up in a cadillac convertable and picked me up. We raced down a road and then off and up into the air. Before I kenw it we were in the White Light of the Upper Astral and then on a lake crusing along. Harold waved at the people on the shore and they waved back. Then we were back on the Lower astral in a cafeteria. We were sitting across from each other. I looked around and looked back. Harold had a little black nose, like a mouse, and long whiskers. I questioned it and he said, "that's what it's about." In other words - Illusion. (Or as I call it, just part of the phenomena.)

On the physical our souls are filled, of our own doing, with reems of literature and photos, all adding to the virtual reality of Soul. Words, cleverly "crafted" are place stratigically into our souls to connect with existing words already there. For example; Eckankar uses religious words to breed familiarity and trust: words like God, Holy Spirit, Logos, Word of God, Divine, Truth, Church, Seeker, Freedom, Childhood, etc. Eckankar uses these holy words to weave them into a deceptive message that THEY are "the road to God".

Eckankar goes on to plant the seeds that THEY can give you "the personal experience with God." That you can become a "Co-worker with God; both here and in the next world." That "the full experience of God is possible in this lifetime." But then THEY say, "Eckankar is mainly about your daily, personal CONNECTION with Divine Spirit". The Divine Spirit, not being God, but the ECK; the supposed Light & Sound of God.

The Great Deceiver has many methods to deceive. Like the three temptations of Jesus, the devil uses scripture and holy words to lure, entice and deceive. Satan used them on Eve in the Garden of Eden, all through the Bible, and continues to use them today. Why? Because they work perfectly well on the unknowing seeker.

You do realize that if you dwell on something long enough, that if you talk about something often enough, if you read about something over and over, that if you practise long enough, you have the experience in the dream state? That hallucinations (Soul Imagery) can become externalized? This is just some of the known Phenomena of the physical. Couple this with "suggestion" and "hypnosis" - self and otherwise, and "Kundalini baths" with the Kundalini Energy, and the Phenomena becomes real and believeable, especially to the unknowing student.

Eck High Initiates