"The Light & Sound of Deception"

"Withour Prejudice"


Masters are always here on the planet and on the inner realms of form preparing us to eventually become Masters ourselves. But is a Master the divine being we are lead to believe?

We all seek liberation or salvation, to live forever in some paradise or heaven. Life here on the planet seems to be full of faith and hope. We continually hope for world peace, but it does not come. We have faith in the brotherhood of man, but our leaders continually disappoint us. We search for true love, but can't seem to find it. In patience we pray, hope and toil for a better life, but nothing ever changes. There are a new bunch of thieves and murderers being born every day.

Things are not always as we are taught. No one can make this world a better place, let alone save this world, because that is not the design or purpose of this place. This world was designed as a duality, a world of good & evil. Good and evil are in your life, in everyone's life, all life long; always have been, always will be until the end of time. So what is the purpose of such a design?

Satnam, the creator of this world and the Prison inside which it resides, uses good to make life here tolerable and to keep you hoping that liberation or salvation is just around the corner. He supplies technology as a deception of advancement, but it does nothing to make anyone better or free, just the opposite. Good is used to placate the mind, while evil is used to drive us to wanting something better.

For many lifetimes, including this one, we have looked into philosophy, religion and spiritual teachings, seeking the answers to age old questions, but these paths all lead nowhere as we are back here again. These paths were all created to confound, confuse and confine our minds, for lifetimes after lifetimes, until our minds have grown weary and cry out, "There must be something better than this." But what? And we start seeking, usually in books, looking for what we are not quite sure but we "feel" that we will know it when we see it: anything must be better than this. Enter the Master.

Yes, after many lifetimes on the Wheel, one has been prepared to meet the Master. You have been beaten up and beaten down by this world until the conditions are just right to rebuild you. Sufficiently conditioned by good & evil, after many lifetimes of disappointment, following paths that lead nowhere but back here again, you are ready to meet a Master. For until that desire of hopelessness burns brightly in you, and you cry out for "something better than this", the Master does not appear.

It's a Grand Paradox of gigantic proportion of using good & evil to drive you to the Master, a servant of Satan, who appears as your saviour preaching goodness & love: the whole while you are being prepared for the one and only real Initiation, the connecting of your mind to Satan's mind, and thus becoming ONE with Satan as another Master of his.

When you become a Master, Satan connects his mind to your mind via a "golden thread", thereby becoming ONE with you. The "golden thread" is used to communicate directly with you while overseeing your thoughts and actions; to see when you need reward or punishment. The reward is psychic powers: like being able to generate phenomena; or putting images into people's minds, or seeing into the contents of their souls. Punishment is achieved by using the contents of the Master's soul against him.

We have long forgotten the knowledge of our true self and our origin. Our minds have grown dim by the deceptions of Satan. We have lost our way and forgotten that we are a part of the true Father who created us, that we are mind created from Mind and as such the mind's design is for good: "the basic good that is inside every human being." Therefore, all Masters promote morality and the doing of good to their students as it greatly appeals to the beaten down mind. (The Grand Paradox.)

Yes the Master's teaching is based on good (karma) and an unusual type of love; a highly emotional love caused by the kundalini energy from the Master spinning the heart chakra of the student's Casual body. It's a love that "feels" like it's just for you from some benevolent being, but in reality it is pure emotion, mirroring the emotional desires in your soul back at your mind.

The whole process of making a Master is based on a deception of "good & love". For example: when you see the "Mountain of Light", the Upper Astral realm, for the first time it is so amazing, so beautiful, so wonderful to behold, you can't imagine anything better. The Mountain is sparkling, lights are twinkling, flashing, pulsing, radiating, strobing, rolling and engulfing you in a "feeling" that goes beyond words; it's a Love like you have never felt before, and truly have to experience to understand. You just bathe in the "feeling of love", in its warmth, and hope it will never end, but it does: it's part of the deception.

The deception works by placing greater feelings of Good & Love in front of the student's mind than it has ever experienced in the physical. It leads the mind into believing it has found the Path; "What could be better than this!" It all works perfectly based on the premise that

You Don't Know

Personal experiences with the Master on the inner and on the outer quickly convinces the student that they might have found the Master and this looks like the Path. Then, unbeknown to the student, the Master looks into his soul and sees exactly what his "desires of proof" are, and at the proper time provides that for the student, bringing him into full accord that this is the Master and this is the Path. The student fully accepts the Master with complete confidence and trust, with readiness to follow the Master at all costs, to follow the Master implicitly. Unfortunately the student has given up what he sought the most, FREEDOM, voluntarily, to be with the Master, obeying him exclusively.

The entire creation of Satnam's has been set up to deceive not only the elect but also any seeker along the path. Every realm has the Highest God to the uneducated seeker. Most people stop seeking after the Mountain of Light experience, the "white light" of the Upper astral, believing it to be Heaven. A few reach the Lower Mental realm and believe Brahm is the Ultimate God. Fewer still ever reach the Upper Mental realm. Everything is designed to deceive the seeker who is not following a Master.

Previously we have revealed a new concept for you to consider, that the Soul is a virtual reality device designed to condition your mind and prepare it to accept a Master. The soul has since produced some wonderful and magical enchantments using the kundalini energy. These are the worlds of soul. Without the proper understanding of what soul is, what you are and where you are, you remain helpless because YOU DON'T KNOW.

The deception has the lure of Wisdom, Power, and becoming a God. Good & Love are the basis of the deception; your own emotions being amplified and mirrored back at you, plucking your heart chakra strings in such a way that you can't help but love it because it is your own emotions of good & love. Yes unbeknown to the student, his soul's own mental/emotional goodness and love is being played back at the mind, which falls in love with the soul - and so goes the mind, believing it is soul.

The end game is to mesmerize and condition the mind using the kundalini energy and phenomena. Using methods of mental discipline and emotional love, the mind comes into alignment with the Master and his teachings. This is all accomplished using Satnam's creation of Light & Sound. The Light being the kundalini radiation and the Sound connecting the soul to the various wavelengths of Satnam's realms or thought forms.

Anyone who has actually been a seeker knows that the Light & Sound are not God's way of making himself known; that they are not God's language; that they are not his Word. God makes himself known and communicates by Revelation.

All "Paths" lead to Satan; the outcome of which is to connect your mind to Satan's, and thus becoming ONE. All "Paths" lead to servitude and worshipping Satan as one of his Masters. This is the natural outcome of being trapped in his Prison over many lifetimes. The only option is to turn to the Living God, your true Creator, who put you here in the Bottomless Pit, to show you the Way out of here and back to your origin. That is why God sent Jesus: to give us the knowledge and understanding of who we are, where we are, and what is going on; to show us the Way Back Home.

We are mind, NOT soul. We are the Fallen Angels. We are here in the Bottomless Pit because God put us here. Therefore it only stands to reason that if God put us here, only God can take us back home.

Come and Prepare yourself for the return home.

The Inner Worlds