"The Light & Sound of Deception"

"Withour Prejudice"


This knowledge comes from direct, first-hand experiences with Masters, including Jesus, and revelation. I have travelled within through all the inner realms of this creation of Sat Nam's, inside the Bottomless Pit, and far beyond.

All these out-of-body teachings have their roots in India. They are all based on the Satsang teachings of "The Path of The Masters". They all worship Sat Nam as the creator, and right they are, for Sat Nam is the creator of this creation, but he is not the Creator of you, nor is he God. Sat Nam is Satan.

Sat Nam is the great deceiver. He deceives his Masters just as they deceive you. They teach that unless you submit yourself to the Master, and later to Sat Nam, then you will remain forever on the Wheel (fear). Their cockeyed truth is but cleverly concocted deviance, cloaked in a web of deceptions and lies.

No one becomes, nor can become a Master unless he consciously gives his mind to Sat Nam (Satan). Satnam is the only one who can Initiate a person with the Kundalini power, making them a Master. All those so-called "initiations" of the Masters are just kundalini baths and showers, and phenomena.

A Master is a fallen angel who has made himself One with Sat Nam through the Initiation, and has been given the kundalini power according to the plans of Sat Nam. The Master becomes a spokesperson and representative of Sat Nam inside the creation of Sat Nam.

Sat Nam is the key to all of the Master's success in unfolding his kundalini power, while at the same time Sat Nam controls the Master's mind.

Sat Nam and the Masters are directly connected to each other, mind to mind, via a golden thread. They are in perfect Oneness. The Master has totally surrendered is mind to Satan, in return for Mastership, and thus the two are one. The Master follows exactly what he must do, and he is guided by Satan to accomplish what he wants.

The Light and Sound is all about deception. Our minds are to be made ignorant by this great deception; walled in and kept prisoners; to strip our minds of its will and the knowledge of our origin and our true identity.

Sat Nam's creation is working just as it has been designed. The creation has been designed to provide great suffering, to tare down the will of the mind and get the mind to eventually submit to the will of Satan as a Master; to bring every fallen angel into Oneness, bowing and worshipping Sat Nam as the saviour, as the one and only God.

Yes all the fallen angels inside this creation are being prepared for Oneness with Satan through Mastership. Once Initiated by Sat Nam with the power of the Kundalini energy, the Master's mind becomes totally consumed with - "I am God."

Here is how two Masters in Eckankar describe their Initiation:

(1) Paul Twitchell (founder) describes his complete surrender to Sat Nam, in The Tiger's Fang: "A giant shapeless thing seemed to appear from somewhere out of the light and hovered over us, watching, waiting and staring as if ready to pounce upon us at the very moment it decided. There was an awfulness about it, whatever it was, and about the only impression I had of this shapeless being was that it was like an eagle with outstretched claws. A strange power flowed from it, downward into us ... A bellowing laughter roared through the light, yet it was not a sound but an electric movement, a power that ripped and tore into me, a motivating motion of light sensation. It thrust into me, with a clash, collision, shock and an impact that was astounding ... Something came out of the light, a shapeless thing like a cloud, smothering me with its flowing motion. It attacked me with an impelling force of dynamic onset. It slashed, slit, split, ripped, cleaved, wrenched and dismembered me with its terrible forces. 'Power! Power!' It shot atoms of sound toward me. 'Power! That is God! Understand that you fool! Nothing is greater than power. With power you can do anything. Defeat any enemy, construct the good, and be the greatest of all things ... Look for yourself. Is not hatred more powerful than love? Can't you do more for yourself if you have revenge in doing it? ... You too can be the Master and have followers who will come and worship at your feet ..." The Lord Agam Purusha came in, suddenly seized me with sharp talons and pushed, pulled and worked in a massaging manner that was astounding but painful. The sound whistled through me and the hideous laughter rung around me and was like a nauseating pulse of electricity ... The light became very strong around me ... I was a part of that cloud of light, a flaming robe around me, in the center of this blinding light. Something entered into my heart ... Then I was God!

(2) Harold Klemp (current leader) describes his 'God-Realization' experience in Child in the Wilderness (p.129-131): "The stranger broke in on my thoughts. "Look there!" he said. "The Light of God!" From out of the night, as if from a distant lighthouse, came a searing bolt of blue-white light that pierced my heart...the Light of God poured endlessly into my heart as It swept down from the God planes ... Then it came, barely a breath of sound gliding over the water... "O God, no!" I cried. With each tidefall, I reeled. The full Ocean of Love and Mercy was crushing me, cleansing, scouring, blessing. A great pain burst through me: a white-hot fire. I screamed in agony, "O God, let this stop!"...Long cries of anguish rose from my depths, deep and full. My body was ripped, slashed by a thousand claws, and as many hammers pounded from all sides. I then became aware of standing bent over double on the bridge. Ghastly screams rent the night. Was this me?...Slowly I straightened up. My sides burned with a stabbing pain, from the screams that came with Soul's cleansing." . . . This is not true, is it Harold. You jumped off that bridge because you had made a mistake by surrendering to Sat Nam; but later when that Kundalini power settled in, you felt like a "god".

Not all Masters (Gods) are given the same degree of Kundalini power, and no Master or even a group of Masters could ever come close to the power of Sat Nam: he is VERY POWERFUL. And so different levels of Kundalini power means different Masters (Gods) on the six different realms of the creation. And thus, on the five lower realms of form, which includes the physical, because of the golden thread connection, Sat Nam can use any Master as a vehicle to manifest himself.

However, the real Master is not from this creation of Sat Nam's. The real Master says not to call him master, but friend. He comes from far outside the Bottomless Pit. He was sent by the true God, the Living God, into this creation of Sat Nam's to teach us about Satan and his plan, and to show us the way back home.

The truth is that there is only one way out of the Bottomless Pit, that there is only one way back home, and that way is by the Grace of God who put us here in the Pit for our rebellion. ALL so-called spiritual paths or religious paths lead nowhere but servitude to Satan. It's a Grand Deception.

The fact is that even Maters can never escape the Wheel of Reincarnation unless Sat Nam takes them back to the side of the Pit to worship and serve him. And if these Masters are who they say and claim to be, so full of love, how could they go and leave anyone behind in this hell-hole?

Our Friend who was dead, as we are now, in this world of the dead, is Alive, and Alive for evermore. He and the other righteous angels operate just the same as they always have, they don't need physical bodies to do their work. They are not in this "familiar" creation of Satan's; although they can and do appear from time to time. They are not confined to this creation nor the Bottomless Pit like Sat Nam and his followers, bathing in the course kundalini energy of confinement. If they incarnate it is for a purpose, after which God brings them back home.

Let us THINK about these questions: Have you ever seen a Master turn water into wine? (They don't drink.) Have you ever seen a Master walk on water? (Besides ice.) Have you ever seen a Master cure leprosy? Have you ever witnessed a Master giving sight to someone born blind? Have you ever seen a Master restore life to someone who has been dead for four days? Masters say things but demonstrate nothing but karmic excuses. They say they can live for hundreds of years, but none do. Where is your direct personal first-hand experience as a witness to these miracles? Stop letting phenomena be your miracles.

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