"The Light & Sound of Deception"

"Withour Prejudice"


Sat Nam is Satan.

Literature on the Internet refers to Sat Nam as Satan. Satan, pronounced (saw-tawn') a reference, is the father and creator of the homo sapien sapien, man, and this world. Satan, is originally a Sanskrit word.

"Satnam" and "Sa Ta Na Ma" are sacred mantras used in kundalini (serpent) meditation. All variations of the name "SATAN" mean TRUTH in Sanskrit, which is one of the world's oldest and most ancient of languages.

Satan's teachings empower one's soul. Satan is the master of deception. There is no one or ones more powerful than Satan. This is his world. This is his creation.

The god of this world has appeared unto mankind in many different forms and shapes down through the millennia; as a golden orb, the voice (both inner and outer), an elderly father figure, various gods & goddesses, beasts and creatures, demons and devils, even as an Angel of Light: he has appeared as whatever man wanted to see, expected to see, or needed to see. However his true form is that of a reptile walking on two legs, with a tail, a Lizard.

The Lizard rules over this world of the dead and can materialize as a form or a figure, or even take the human form of one who agrees to loan their physical body. The Lizard is the most powerful angel; he creates and he destroys. This world is totally subject unto him.

He rules and reigns over this world exclusively, proclaiming himself to be the one and only god; "I am the Lord, and there is none else. I form the light, and I create the darkness: I MAKE PEACE, AND CREATE EVIL: I the Lord do all these things." (Isaiah 45:5-7) And as history testifies, he destroys any who fail to obey or worship him: for he is a jealous god.

Yes the Lizard demands loyalty without question and punishes every violation. No person or group of people can fight against the Lizard because he is too powerful. From the beginning, until now, and into the future, without exception, regardless of how clever, educated or cunning we may think we are, we are helpless prisoners under the satanic control of the Lizard, unable to escape by any power or wisdom of our own.

The Lizard is connected to each one of us through the soul inside and each soul is an archetype of the Lizard containing witchcraft, wicked sacrifices, murderers of children, devourers of men's flesh, feasts of blood and the phenomena of majick. He gives his followers the image of freedom (arrogance) creating a false sense of superiority, when in fact, there is no freedom as ALL are controlled by the Lizard's soul of good and evil.

The Lizard gives his power through the soul to those he chooses according to his plan. The world rulers are brought into this world and appointed positions to serve the Lizard. They operate around the world as one organized body, serving the Lizard, engaging in human sacrifice, along with other horrific practices to appease the Lizard, who punishes any and all unfaithful servants using the same abominations which are stored in their souls to torment them.

The Lizard slays men, women and children, and even his followers, in sacrifice, using secret ceremonies and reveling in strange rites, the sight thereof enticing fools to lust after the Lizard and his power, performing blood sacrifices all over the planet. As the history books and bibles testify, the Lizard has required blood sacrifice since the beginning of his creation, and it continues today, around the world, in many forms, under the guise of an endless battle between good and evil: whereas good fighting evil is just more evil from a different perspective. The battles rage around the world, murders are promoted using various psychological means, the blood flows and no one is the wiser.

Down through the ages the Lizard has taught his followers some of his secrets of creation, supplying the "Know-How" to make various weapons of destruction and torture, uniting mankind in a never ending battle, and blood sacrifice, for "God and Country"; a monumental deception.

This is the world of the Lizard and his minion, a counterfeit world created to confuse, conceal, confound, deceive and cause forgetfulness. This world has been designed to deceive even the very elect of the Lizard.

The Lizard has created a counterfeit world, a replica, a resemblance of Other Earth (Home), and a counterfeit soul, like the good soul on Other Earth, only evil after his own nature. By making the things of this world like the things of Other Earth - "As Above, So Below" - he has created familiarity and we have slumbered into forgetfulness, serving the Lizard and his soul of good and evil.

Our minds have been darkened by this veil of forgetfulness, AS Above - So Below. Other Earth is the archetype after which this counterfeit world was created, to breed familiarity; the soul a counterfeit to resemble the soul we had in heaven. And so we are easily and craftily deceived. Being ignorant of the righteousness of the Living God, the soul takes root and produces its fruit of good and evil, ministering unto us to do its bidding, becoming all powerful because we do not recognize it. And so, being ignorant of the soul, it takes root in us and grows in strength, becoming all controlling and we mistake it as being a part of our self, the mind, because the soul's voice is an excellent counterfeit of our mind's voice.

It is extremely difficult for the average person to see any of these things which actually exist because their minds are being controlled by the dead imagery, the pictures of light and sound stored within their souls. Their minds have become imprisoned by their soul's belief systems and stored knowledge, giving the illusion of free will. And so as long as the knowledge of the soul remains hidden from the mind, the deception works perfectly, but when the soul is revealed, the mind begins to awaken and the soul's control begins to weaken.

Therefore awaken your mind to the counterfeit voice, that inner voice, and begin to cast off the works of that evil soul. Everything that holds us in forgetfulness comes from the soul.

Without this knowledge of the soul and how it operates we have no hope, and without first-hand personal experience of both we have only a limited ability to understand Satan's desire to establish a new order amongst the fallen angels from Heaven, with himself as our absolute ruler, can be found in the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and especially throughout the New Testament of Jesus' Teachings; where Jesus comes down from Heaven to educate the fallen angels about this evil world, the evil soul inside, and about Satan, the ruler of this evil world.

The Lizard has taken the truth whenever it has appeared and hidden it, for he cannot return to heaven, and he will not allow those who can to return (That's you and the purpose of creating Eckankar). But remember you can judge the written word by this, "the Living God forgives because his love is true." If you do not fast from this world it is impossible to see the things as they actually exist, for we are not contending against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers and great wickedness from the ruler of this world and his minions of wickedness; putting stumbling blocks and snares in the way, deceiving us with superstitions, spirituality, religion and the wickedness of each. The Lizard uses all his skill, power and lying wonders to deceive and lead us astray far into the way of error where we eventually doubt the existence of the Living God and ignore his ways for temporary personal gain.

Under the Lizard's dark veil of forgetfulness, deprived of the true Light, we have come to worship the Lizard in many forms and under many different names like, Sat Nam. YOU have been targeted by Sat Nam because YOU are a seeker!

Satan was the anointed Cherub who sat above the Throne of God, receiving communication from God. Satan received direct communication from God and then transmitted it to all the angels through Michael. Now Satan was perfect in his ways from the day he was created, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty, till iniquity was found in him. He was the most beautiful to the eyes, more powerful and more wise than any of the angels. Eventually Satan began to believe that he was the greatest and maybe deserved better. So he demonstrated the pride of his superiority and strength, and one day he began to open his mouth, speaking great things, and blasphemies against God; blaspheming God, God's Tabernacle, and the angels who dwelt in heaven.

Using his seat of communication with God wrongfully, Satan told the angels that he was their saviour and liberator; that the God above had been robbing them of their free will to choose; that the God above, which no one has ever seen, had been robbing them of independent thinking; that God demands that we believe and do everything He tells us, without question. Satan told the angels that the invisible unseeable God had enslaved them by depriving them of certain knowledge - the knowledge of good and evil, and thereby robbing them of their free will to choose; that God had made them nothing more than automates of conformity and obedience.

Satan told the angels that God was holding them prisoner in a prison of their own beliefs, beliefs given to them by God because He doesn't want you to have the freedom of choice. The "harmony" was broken and a rebellion ensued; the angels began to choose sides.

Satan told the angels that God does not want us to grow and evolve, because God is afraid of us becoming like Him. God doesn't want our eyes to be opened and learn that we are just as powerful as He is, no, God wants us to remain as "little children", totally dependent and under his control, while He tells us what to think, say and do.

God knows all about "good & evil," but He doesn't want us to have the same power and freedom of choice. God has made us a stagnant creation, without any development or progress, designed only for God's own personal enjoyment of self-worship.

Yes the war was a war of words, and Satan was more crafty than any angel God had created; setting himself up as their liberator and saviour, as a visible God; "you will all be like Gods," the great lie he continues to use here on earth.

Now there was another angel of power in heaven, and that was Michael, the angel who delivered the communications received by Satan, from God, throughout the angelic kingdom. And so Michael, from personal experience, knew that the Living God of Love would never do or say such things as Satan was claiming. And Michael gathered together the angels to oppose Satan and his followers. And Michael spoke; and Satan spoke. And Satan used his great power to perform many miracles before the angelic community, even transforming himself into a gigantic dragon, the Lizard, sitting on the Throne of God. Satan promised those who would follow him liberation from a suppressive God, power, freedom, rule, control, adoration and worship.

As the battle of righteousness and unrighteousness raged on, the angels chose sides. What ensued was a social degradation into something similar to what exists here on earth; divisions with rulers, enforcers, and an elite social hierarchy. Satan's insidious plot of establishing a new order in heaven, with himself as absolute ruler, Lord God, was well underway.

Finally, all those angels who would follow Satan stood behind him; and all the other angels who were loyal to God stood behind Michael; and in the "twinkling of an eye", Satan and his followers disappeared from sight. And they were cast down into the Bottomless Pit (a container), which had been prepared for them from the beginning.

And in heaven, Michael and the angels raised up their heads before the Throne of God, and gave thanks and praise unto the Living God of Life, Love and Mercy; thanks and praise to a God they have never seen, but "now know for sure" that He exists; the most High God, omnipotent.

And so there we were, in the bottomless pit, on the side of the container. Eventually the last to be cast out of Heaven wanted to return Home. However, Satan would not allow this, so he went out into the dark void of the Bottomless Pit and built a Trap.

As we left the side of the Bottomless Pit we saw this "EGG-like" structure undulating and glowing in the dark void with a beautiful sound eminating from it. As we came closer to see, a tentical reached out and snatched us and draggen us inside, where we have now been for thousands of years - trapped!

Sat Nam's Prison