"The Light & Sound of Deception"

"Withour Prejudice"


In the beginning we were all living on Other Earth (heaven). We followed Satnam (Satan) in rebellion and the Creator cast us down to the side of the Bottomless Pit.

Many of the fallen didn't want to follow Satnam any more, and wanted to return home. Satnam knew we would eventually find the way out of the side of the Pit, so he went out into the middle of the Pit and built a Trap, a Prison to prevent our return home.

The Prison was designed to bring us back under his control, each one of us willfully surrendering to worshipping and serving Satan as God.

The following is the design of the Prison (Trap) and how it operates to condition us into the servants of Satan.

As we found our way out of the side of the Bottomless Pit, all we could see in the dark abyss was an Egg-shaped vase undulating and glowing in the dark. As we approached the Egg, we could see silver & gold streamers dancing out of the top and enchanting music calling to us like a siren. As we drew near one of the streamers shot-out, grabbed us, and pulled us inside - Trapped !!

Sat Nam's Prison

One by one we came, were caught, and dragged inside the Prison. One by one we were moved down to the Soul realm where we were connected to a golden bubble, soul: not in a permament union, but in a time union.

The function of the soul is to condition us, the mind. The soul serves as an instrument of control and deception on all the realms of form inside the Prison. The soul is to burden the mind and weaken its will; to pervert, misshapen, distort and disease the mind; to mislead, create trouble and mischief; to wear down the mind over many lifetimes and prepare it for surrender to Satan (Sat Nam).

The Soul and the Prison are designed to bring forgetfulness to the mind as to its true self. They are designed to block the mind from remembering its origin. This is accomplished through using "familiarity" in the worlds of form; especially the physical, to deceive the mind into believing the Prison is its origin. The Soul deceives the mind into believing that the soul is its true self. Over many lifetimes the memories of the mind are infused with those of the Soul, and the mind slowly but surely begins to identify itself as the Soul, and with the Prison as its home.

Yes as the mind rides the Wheel over hundreds of lifetimes of living inside the "familiar", the Egg, it becomes conditioned to Prison life, and bound tighter and tighter to the Soul. Eventually, after following philosophies, religions and spirit teachings that lead nowhere, the mind has been properly conditioned.

The Soul has already been pre-programmed that when the mind has been sufficiently "conditioned", the Soul will seek out a Master and follow his instructions; and so goes the mind. Even if you meet a Master in this lifetime and leave him, the experience (Karmic imagery) sticks with you and you pick up in the next lifetime where you left off in this lifetime. Even the strongest will gets sufficiently weakened after two or three lifetimes of meeting The Master.

Now let us examine this Soul creation of Sat Nam's which is responsible for the conditioning of us, the mind.

Again, once the mind has been dragged inside the Prison, and moved to the Soul realm where it is connected to a golden bubble, Soul, it is moved downwards through three other realms of form and then into the Physical for conditioning. This Soul can be compared to a virtual reality device for the mind.

From the Soul realm the mind/soul is moved down to the Upper Mental realm where it is given a pseudo-mind: this can be likened to artificial intelligence for the Soul. From here the mind/soul is moved down to the Lower Mental or Causal realm where initial Karma is loaded into the Soul to start the process going; to cause rebirth after rebirth on the Physical realm. Next the mind/soul is moved down to the Upper Astral realm, the Mountain of Light, where it picks up a light body of emotion. This light body glows according to the emotional love it contains. Finally the mind/soul is moved down into the human form and the so-called thousand rounds on the Wheel begins conditioning the mind.

The Physical realm is one of disinigration, destruction, and death. The physical beats you up, and it beats you down, lifetime after lifetime, rebuilding us in the image of the Soul. We become alienated from our true self as the mind, and our real origin on Other Earth. Eventually we are made ready to meet the Master who will lead us to our new god, Satan. Satan says, "I am God; there are no other gods but I. I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil: I do all these things." Our jailor becomes our savior, that he is the Creator, our Father, our God of worship and admiration; it's a great paradox.

This Prison has been designed for one purpose, to hold us here and condition us until we consciously and willingly worship, obey and serve Satan as God. Until that time comes we remain here in the Prison, bound to the Wheel of Karma and Reincarnation, being conditioned and weakening our will until we have been prepared to meet the Master who will lead us to Satan for Initiation to become ONE with Satan as as Master, a servant of Satan.

Making Masters