"The Light & Sound of Deception"

"Withour Prejudice"


The Inner Worlds, or the worlds of eck as they are called, ARE NOT as you have been taught. They are not Planes of existance, like constructs of nebulous levels.

There are only 6 realms of form: Physical, Lower Astral or Psychic Realm, Upper Astral, Lower Mental, Upper Mental, and the Soul Realm.

The so-called Lower Worlds have an Etheric Realm but there is nothing there. Except for the Soul Realm, the so-called Higher Worlds are just deceptions, there is nothing their either.

Self-Realization comes by the way of realizing that you are not soul. God-Realization comes by the way of realizing that you are mind from Mind(The Living God).

The so-called Sound Current doesn't mean that you are on any special realm because you hear a specific sound. The Sound Current is the sound you hear leaving a realm, or approaching a realm.

The creator of all this so-called spiritual wonder is Sat Nam (Satnam = Satan). Satan is found on the Soul Plane in the Hall of Audiences (See the page Visit Sat Nam The Creator for how to.) Satan is the only ruler (inside his creation and outside his creation).

All the names of the dieties above the soul plane refer to Satan: he is the creator.

All the 6 planes of form are encased inside an Egg-like vessel and appear to the unknowing as mountain ranges. Each mountain range suspended at a different level inside the Egg, and looking down from the top of the Egg, they are spinning aound in a counter-clockwise motion. (see Drawing Below)

Chanting or singing words or sounds will not take you there; and hearing certain sounds does not mean you were there. Sounds and Colors are just more Phenomena to deceive the unknowing. (You will soon start to realize that almost ALL of your experiences in Eckankar have been Phenomena.)

The secrets that are being kept from the students are Many and Great. They don't give you a road map to The Worlds of Eck; the give you a stumbling block. (Eck is just a made-up name by Paul Twitchell)

To get to the various worlds of form you have to know what they look like and how to access them as they are just mountain ranges out in the vast unknown to the unknowing. Either someone teaches you what they look like and how to access them (remember they are all inside your soul), or someone comes into your dreamstate (inside your soul body) and takes you there, thus giving you access to the imagery stored inside your soul. [Remember: Soul Travel is just that, traveling inside the soul body, inside the microcosm. It's not until the physical body dies that you are released into the macrocosm and where you go is where you know.]

To travel to the five invisible realms of form you need to mock-up the mountain range of the Realm you want to visit at your third eye, and then go. To access the Realm simply fly right into the mountain, it's on the inside. (Ahhhhh, the deceptions to keep the unknowing lost and away from the truth.)

For Example: let's say you wanted to visit Satnam on the Soul Realm. First you need to know what that mountain rage looks like, and then you need to know where to find him once inside. Then you could visit Satan and find things out for yourself. (See the page Visit Sat Nam The Creator for how to.)

Just a man: Harold Klemp. Harold Klemp was a farmer. Harold Klemp was a High Initiate under Paul Twitchell. Harold Klemp became the Master. Darwin Gross didn't pass him the so-called "Rod of ECK Power" to make him a Master. Why can't you become a Master?


Visit Sat Nam The Creator