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Eckankar Masters:

Paul Twitchell

In the final analysis, Eckankar is a "Paul Twitchell" creation. (

Many of the spiritual truths that Paul Twitchell claimed were channeled to him from his master Rebazar Tarz were derived from a book by Julian P. Johnson in 1939.   Tap Here to Download PDF Book.  

It is also well documented that Paul Twitchell obtained his teachings from a variety of sources, mainly the Radhasoami and Sant Mat paths of Northern India.

Sant Mat, also called the Radha Soami teachings (meaning the union of the soul, Radha, with its Lord, Soami) is the science of the Soul, the path of the audible life stream, and surat shabd yoga. Its goal is God-realization through self-realization. At the heart and centre of the path is the Satguru, the perfect living Master. According to Paul Twitchell, he received this title and a mystical Rod of Power from a 400-year-old master named Rebazar Tarzs, who supposedly is still living in the flesh, in the Hindu Kush Mountains of Northern Tibet.

But this fictionalized master, Rebazar Tarzs, as well as others created by Twitchell, was part of an invented ancient spiritual sect known as the Vairagi Order (a name that he took from an order in India). These invented masters first appeared in print around 1965 as he substituted their names for those of real spiritual teachers he had included in earlier versions of the same books. (

Eckankar, which I formed out of my own experience", is the term used for the philosophy I have developed for the Cliff hanger. It is based on Shabda-Yoga, a way out form of Yoga" (Twitchell, The Bilocation Philosophy, p. 52; Johnson, Confessions of a God Seeker, p.132, 142)

The oldest technique of keeping the loyalty of the chela by many teachers is with fear. Because they grow afraid of losing their chelas to a Master on the higher level, the old fear tactics will be drummed into those who desire to move away. These threats are very common. They usually go like this: [1] If you leave me, you will get caught in the astral and won't get out. Another clich is: [2] I've got the only path and if you leave it, you're in deep trouble. Another one is: [3] I'm the true Master, and having initiated you, will be with you until the end of eternity. I'm your Master always. These are a few of the techniques of fear used by most teachers of the psychic worlds. We can easily recognize them. (Twitchell, Eckankar, Illuminated Way Letters 1966-1971, pp. 93-94)

Though Eckankar does not try to coerce disillusioned members to remain on the path, Eckists are warned that when they drop out their spiritual growth stops, and they are at the mercy of the Kal, or the negative force of the universe. [They told me, "if you want to come back, you have to start all over from the beginning".] (The old site can still be accessed at the Internet Archive)

Whosoever shall divulge the secrets of his initiation shall be deprived of his sight and tongue in order to never again be able to say anything about the degrees of initiation in ECKANKAR (Twitchell, Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Book II, 1st Ed. 1977, p.150)

To ridicule, to scorn, to speak mockingly of the words of the Mahanta, and not to have faith in him and the cause of ECK is to bring woes on the advocator of doubt. (Twitchell, Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Book I, 2nd Ed. 1987, p.107)

It is not possible to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven except through the teachings of Eckankar. (Twitchell, Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Book I, 2nd Ed. 1987, p. 96) So before Eckankar, no one went to heaven and thus only Eckankar members are in Heaven.

Original (based upon the Sant tradition; depicted in Twitchell's first books on Eckankar):

1. Sahasra dal Kanwal; sounds - bell and conch
2. Brahm Lok (Trikuti); sounds - big drum (thunder)
3. Daswan Dwar; sounds - violins (sarangi)
4. Bhanwar Gupha; sounds - flute
5. Sach Khand; sounds - vina (bagpipe)
6. Alakh Lok*
7. Agam Lok*
8. Anami Lok (Sugmad)*

* Twitchell does not give the exact sounds of the higher regions above Sach Khand in this particular cosmology, nor does Sant mat, Radhasoami, or Ruhani Satsang.

Revised (as given in the Spiritual Notebook and standard by 1970):

1. Elam (Physical); sounds - thunder
2. Sat Kanwal Anda (Astral); sounds - roar of the sea
3. Maha-Kal/Par Brahm (Causal); sounds - tinkle of bells
4. Brahmanda Brahm (Mental); sounds - running water
5. Sat Nam (Soul); sounds - single note of flute
6. Alakh Lok; sounds - heavy wind
7. Alaya Lok; sounds - deep humming
8. Hukikat Lok; sounds - thousand violins
9. Agam Lok; sounds - music of woodwinds
10. Anami Lok; sounds - whirlpool
11. Sugmad Lok; sounds - music of universe
12. Sugmad/Living Reality; sounds - music of God

1. The sound of the thunder which was heard in Trikuti (causal realm) in the original Sant mat cosmology is now according to the "twelve plane" chart heard in the physical region (Elam).

2. The tinkle of bells which was originally heard up to and through the first plane (Sahasra dal Kanwal) is now heard in the third region (MahaKal-Par-Brahm).

3. Par Brahm which used to be in Daswan Dwar (i.e., beyond mind and matter) is now in the causal realm--a region which was previously inTrikuti (the home of the mind).


Paul Twitchell says that, "the Master appears often as the Blue Star, and sometimes as a misty, pale blue light." (The Spiritual Notebook, 1971, p.75) Then there is Jerry Mulvin (below) who claims to be the Blue Ball that appears sometimes (I personally saw it twice; clear as anything.); however, the Blue Ball doe not communicate, and you always see Jerry in his Astral body on the lower Astral plane. The Blue Ball, blue light, Blue Star are just mental phenomena.

David Lane (not a Master)

David Lane is notable for his book "The Making of a Spiritual Movement: The Untold Story of Paul Twitchell and Eckankar" which exposed the origins of Eckankar and demonstrated the plagiarism of its founder, Paul Twitchell

According to David Lane's research, in addition to plagiarizing, Twitchell re-wrote one of his seminal works on spirituality, changing the names of actual spiritual masters he had known to ones whose historical authenticity has been difficult to establish.

Darwin Gross (1928 - 2008)

Eckankar has now purged any mention of Darwin Gross from all of its literature. You cannot just disavow Darwin; he is a major part of your History and foundation. "How can Gross' exodus be properly explained without usurping the very foundation of Eckankar's belief system? How can a Living Eck Master, who allegedly has access to the very highest plane of Consciousness, get thrown out of Eckankar and not even be considered an initiate? Or, more bluntly, how can "God" be dethroned?" (

Darwin Gross succeeded to the leadership of Eckankar in 1971 at the death of its founder Paul Twitchell. Eckankar's Darwin Gross was the second Living Eck Master or the Mahanta of the Eckankar movement.

Darwin's first problem was that he was not an enlightened being in an authentic religious tradition. Instead, he was a two-year chela in Eckankar who "made good" by being in the right place at the right time.

When Darwin Gross appointed Harold Klemp as the "Living Eck Master" in 1981 he had no idea that two years later his successor would excommunicate him from Eckankar, ban his books from sale, and instigate a lawsuit against him for business impropriety and copyright infringement. But that is exactly what happened. In a "Personal and Confidential" letter dated January 4, 1984, Harold Klemp informed Darwin Gross of his removal from Eckankar:

In October 1981, Darwin Gross announced that he was resigning his position as Living Eck master. He wanted his position to be President of Eckankar, with a yearly salary of $65,000 for life. The 'Rod of Power' was handed to Harold Klemp. Within two years, Klemp fired Gross for negativity, spiritual decay, and embezzlement. In 1983 Darwin Gross was voted out of his position by the Eckankar Board of Directors under controversial circumstances involving unproven charges that he misappropriated Eckankar corporate funds.

As Klemp entered an exclusive leadership role, the Eckankar corporate structure was changed in the State of California. This gave Klemp new authority in leadership as the only voting member of the Eckankar corporation.

Mr Gross's first wife was Gail Twitchell, the founder's second wife. Gail Twitchell, who became Gail Gross, had openly called her dead husband 'a fraud'. ( Gail Atkinson, claims to have had a vision in the night in which Twitchell named Darwin Gross to be the next leader.

Harold Klemp

The members look to the Living ECK Master, Harold Klemp, as their spiritual guide and teacher. As an inner guide, the Living ECK Master is known as the Mahanta, a state of conscious-ness which, according to Eckankar, supersedes all others, including Christ. So now the logical question becomes: "Has Klemp walked on water? Has he raised the dead? Cured leprosey? Transfigured before your eyes? (Except showing those Black Lizard eyes.) Healed thousands of sick? Made the lame walk?

In a "Personal and Confidential" letter dated January 4, 1984, Harold Klemp informed Darwin Gross of his removal from Eckankar:

Even the current leader of Eckankar, Harold Klemp had to acknowledge the recent beginnings of Eckankar, and therefore of the fiction of the Mahanta, the Living Eck Master, when he admitted: [Eckankar] was not used to describe any religious doctrines [the Mahanta, a necessary inclusion] until the mid-1960's when it was coined, adopted and first used by Paul Twitchell" (From Court Records in Darwin Gross v. Eckankar).

Klemp even went so far as to admit that Twitchell's writings appeared similar to Julian P. Johnson's, the author of the now famous The Path Of The Masters, and other religious writers. Yet, Klemp did not go far enough. Instead of honestly telling the truth to the Eckankar membership that Twitchell was a notorious plagiarist and a first rate liar, he recoiled and sought to give a ludicrous explanation about how there is an akashic library in the astral plane where writers, like Johnson and Twitchell, go to copy their books. In other words, Twitchell didn't plagiarize The Path Of The Masters in its copyrighted form, he simply copied it word for word from the original, "astral" version of the text. Klemp implies also that Johnson copied his writings from the same text too. (

Every emotional trick is used to bind the member's soul and the Master ever more closely together. The Kundalini energy, in the form of Kundalini baths or showers, are his powerful hypnotic powers and the source of his remarkable psychic control he exercises over his cheltas.

Harold Klemp, finally giving himself over to Sat Nam (Satan), had the Kundalini power raised by SatNam on a bridge somewhere in Wisconsin in 1970. Klemp was so disturbed by the experience of possession by Sat Nam that he jumped into a freezing river in the middle of the night, nearly died, and had to be hospitalized. (reference: auto-biographical book, Child in the Wilderness.)

Later, here is how Harold Klemp describes his 'God-Realization' experience in Child in the Wilderness (p.129-131): "The stranger broke in on my thoughts. "Look there!" he said. "The Light of God!" From out of the night, as if from a distant lighthouse, came a searing bolt of blue-white light that pierced my heart...the Light of God poured endlessly into my heart as It swept down from the God planes ... Then it came, barely a breath of sound gliding over the water... "O God, no!" I cried. With each tidefall, I reeled. The full Ocean of Love and Mercy was crushing me, cleansing, scouring, blessing. A great pain burst through me: a white-hot fire. I screamed in agony, "O God, let this stop!"...Long cries of anguish rose from my depths, deep and full. My body was ripped, slashed by a thousand claws, and as many hammers pounded from all sides. I then became aware of standing bent over double on the bridge. Ghastly screams rent the night. Was this me?...Slowly I straightened up. My sides burned with a stabbing pain, from the screams that came with Soul's cleansing." . . . This is not true, is it Harold. You jumped off that bridge because you had made a mistake by surrendering to Sat Nam; but later when that Kundalini power settled in, you felt like a "god".

Here is how Paul Twitchell described his complete surrender to Sat Nam, in The Tiger's Fang: "A giant shapeless thing seemed to appear from somewhere out of the light and hovered over us, watching, waiting and staring as if ready to pounce upon us at the very moment it decided. There was an awfulness about it, whatever it was, and about the only impression I had of this shapeless being was that it was like an eagle with outstretched claws. A strange power flowed from it, downward into us ... A bellowing laughter roared through the light, yet it was not a sound but an electric movement, a power that ripped and tore into me, a motivating motion of light sensation. It thrust into me, with a clash, collision, shock and an impact that was astounding ... Something came out of the light, a shapeless thing like a cloud, smothering me with its flowing motion. It attacked me with an impelling force of dynamic onset. It slashed, slit, split, ripped, cleaved, wrenched and dismembered me with its terrible forces. 'Power! Power!' It shot atoms of sound toward me. 'Power! That is God! Understand that you fool! Nothing is greater than power. With power you can do anything. Defeat any enemy, construct the good, and be the greatest of all things ... Look for yourself. Is not hatred more powerful than love? Can't you do more for yourself if you have revenge in doing it? ... You too can be the Master and have followers who will come and worship at your feet ..." The Lord Agam Purusha came in, suddenly seized me with sharp talons and pushed, pulled and worked in a massaging manner that was astounding but painful. The sound whistled through me and the hideous laughter rung around me and was like a nauseating pulse of electricity ... The light became very strong around me ... I was a part of that cloud of light, a flaming robe around me, in the center of this blinding light. Something entered into my heart ... Then I was God!

Here is the account of a Satanist receiving the Kundalini power: "Before I could move or speak, a pillar of light roared down out of the unseen caverns of the ceiling ... Out of the light appeared a huge being, difficult to describe. He, too, was robed in white, and had white hair flowing down to his shoulders. Mighty wings swept out from his shoulders ... The brilliance of the light and the quicksilver changes taking place in the giant being before me made my eyes burn and water ... 'You have tasted of the illumination of our Master, the Light-Bearer, and have been found worthy to receive the Light,' my guide told me ... I had to shut my eyes for the light which glared forth. It seemed my eyeballs were turning to molten steel. My forehead was about to explode. I felt a claw tear into my brow, right between but slightly above my eyebrows and insert itself into my brain like a white-hot poker. I tried to scream but could not. My entire body felt like it was going to burst from being filled with roaring, flaming hot light ... I finally managed a scream. But before the scream was finished, I was through the wall and traveling on what seemed to be a lightning bolt crashing through clouds and hurtling toward the earth." (The man who went through it - Bill Schnoebelen - said it took place in a ghoulish temple where strange voices chanted, "Ave Satanas, Rege Satanas" - Hail Satan, Satan rules.) - from Lucifer Dethroned, 1993.

Harold Klepms' spiritual name is Wazai. Aleister Crowley, denounced in the popular press as "the wickedest man in the world" and a Satanist, was possessed by a powerful demon called Aiwaz. (

August 1st. is a famous date on the occult calendar. It's a major sabbath when the Devil demands human sacrifice. (Bohemian Grove: a campground located at 20601 Bohemian Avenue, in Monte Rio, California, belonging to a private San Francisco-based gentlemen's club known as the Bohemian Club. In mid-July each year, Bohemian Grove hosts a more than two-week encampment of some of the most prominent men in the world.)

Jerry Mulvin

David Lane wrote: "They read my book. One interesting guy I met was Jerry Mulvin. He was a pro-bowler as well as a higher initiate in Eckankar. In 1979 he called me from Northridge, where he was living at his girlfriend's aunt's house. He'd read the book and wanted me to visit him. After I'd talked to him for a couple of hours, Jerry said, 'Dave, why don't you start your own religion? With all this information you have, you could start your own thing.' I go, 'Jerry, I can't do that-third eye patch, turban, the flowing robe-I can't do it.' Two years later I got a letter from a guy in Canada saying he'd discovered a genuine guru. So I asked, 'Who is this enlightened being?' It was Jerry Mulvin! He is an off-shooted from Eckankar and founded this religion called the Divine Science of Light and Sound. He's now in Scottsdale, Arizona. For a hundred bucks per year he gives you the divine connection. If he can't take your soul back to God, he improves your bowling game, money back guarantee." We both laugh so loudly the couple at the next table who have been covertly eyeing the tape recorder, stare at us openly. "I wrote to Jerry, I go, Jerry! Two years ago you were living at your girlfriend's aunt's house, not making much money on the pro-bowling scene, and now you're God." (The old site can still be accessed at the Internet Archive)

According to David Lane (whom Jerry Mulvin told me was his friend), significant portions of the Eckankar Bible were plagiarized, and many of the spiritual truths that Paul Twitchell claimed were channeled to him from his master Rebazar Tarz were derived nearly verbatim from a book by Julian P. Johnson.

More on Jerry Mulvin A.K.A. Surtoma here >>>

Eckankar has been the source of tremendous mental imbalance for a growing number of devotees. They are having trouble in their meditations. The number of Eckists who have had "bad" astral experiences has increased steadily since Harold Klemp took over. Members have reported terrifying experiences of "losing" one's mind and mental balance; some even claim to be haunted by internal beings and powers hacking away the inner recesses of their personality.

With the knowledge of how to invade dreams, one can bring terror through nightmares: demons appear, forces tear at the Astral body and strange, awful phenomena from the soul terrify the mind.

Opening one's 'third eye' (the chakra in one's forehead) increases the memory and participation in the dream state. To the novice, who doesn't have the power of understanding deveopled yet, demons and devils can play havic with your mind, and those in the 'know' can launch psychic attacks. On the physical plane, the person can be vulnerable to suggestion and easily indoctrinated through phenomena. (Jesus spent much of his ministry casting out demons because so many people had fallen under their control.)

These so-called Masters, Guides or Spiritual Teachers merely use magick and phenomena in order to extend their influence over their followers in this world, and the next. If necessary, they grant 'experiences', 'bliss' or other worldly benefits to their members in order to maintain and deepen their hold over them. Their main control technique is an age-old method of self-hypnosis, that works to bring the member under the control of the Master. What the member really experiences are either astral travel phenomena or images projected by the Master into their souls for their mind to see. All this Phenomena in spiritual exercises, dreams and visions, making the member feel like they are having spiritual experiences, when in reality it is feeding their ego to make them feel important, that they are advancing. (When you know how the mind and phenomena works, and raise the Kundalini energy, you too can become a master.)

Don't you think that, if God wanted to communicate with us or guide us in our dreams to higher planes of consciousness, He would be able to do so without the assistance of an Eck Master.

Sat Nam (Satan), not Harold Klemp, is running Eckankar.


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