"The Light & Sound of Deception"

"Withour Prejudice"


In the beginning was the Mind, and the Mind was with knowledge, and the knowledge was the Mind; and all things were made by the knowledge and without the knowledge was not anything made that was made. We are mind, made in the image of the true Creator - MIND. Make straight your mind and prepare for the return home.

The created is the mind which has come into being in conformity with the image of the Creator. The mind is substance from the Divine; but the soul is that which was formed for the human form, a human soul, just as each animal has a guiding force, an animal soul.

This is a hard reality because EVERY religion and spiritual teaching tells you that you are the soul. You see, the soul controls what it wants you to think about and it will do everything it can to lead your thinking away from this understanding that you are the mind, and stop you from applying this knowledge to free yourself from its control. Many are the ways that the soul can lead the religious and non-religious astray; and so, few there be who find the way which leads back home.

The soul casts spurious knowledge into our minds in the guise of familiar words; as such who can comprehend its abilities since it is the great deceiver? How can we comprehend the schemes of the soul and its mind darkening counsels? Think about the many avenues the soul can use to gain entrance into our minds; lust, greed, anger, attachment and ego. Separate your self from the soul and the power of soul becomes naught. "If you know the truth, the truth will make you free."

We have formed the soul-mind connection and become self-righteous instead of being a mind of righteousness. We have become psychic since connecting to the soul and we have also become fleshy. We have taken on the animal nature of the human form, bathing in the lusts of this primate's soul desires.

It is the soul which gives us our hopes and dreams, and then it is the soul which destroys those same hopes and dreams. Turn and let the righteous mind be your guiding light. Stop walking in the drunkenness of the soul's desires. Set your mind a fire and burn the soul by lighting it up with the truth. Knowing the evils of soul, that is understanding. Departing from the soul's evil, that is wisdom. "Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting, get understanding."

The mind's design is for righteousness and so it can usually discern right from wrong depending on the strength of the will: but the soul is a powerful entity and can exert a crafty influence over the mind's will. Soul whispers, in that oh so familiar voice, "that's okay, everyone's doing it; don't worry, just this one time is okay; forget about it, you didn't mean to do it; why shouldn't you have your share; no one will know; you are smarter than that, you won't get caught; it's not your fault, you deserve it; go ahead, you got away with it before; no one will miss just one; they have so much and you have so little; they won't miss it; you've earned it, you deserve it; no one's watching; they did it to you, go ahead pay them back; no one cares . . . and the voice goes on and on. Soul uses "justification through rationalization" to make it sound okay.

Then when we are caught we think, "Why'd I do that? or we exclaim how sorry we are (how sorry we are that we got caught). People claim that they were possessed, that "the devil made me do it", as if something was controlling their thoughts and actions. They certainly weren't in their "right mind" were they? That voice they heard in their head was soul; that same voice they hear every day, that same little voice, but in that split second the wrong choice was made. This is the same voice people have heard down through the ages, speaking to them as "God", or some other being, entity or spirit (like Harold Klemp); the same voice that drives people crazy and to evil acts; the god of this world, Sat Nam (Satan).

A little child has a clean mind; for the thoughts of this world are just beginning to fill its soul and control its mind. As the child grows, dormant genetic memories are awakened. As the child interacts with others the soul acquires their experiences and memories, developing defense mechanisms, rationalizations, excuses, fight or flight tendencies, lying, cheating, stealing, swearing, and so on. Latent attitudes from your soul's past life experiences awaken. At puberty the soul's energy is quickened by sexuality and the childlike innocence is swallowed up by this world. Then, unless this is the time of regeneration for that person, s-he remains imprisoned by the soul, dead in the grave.

As children we do not recognize the subtle deceitfulness of the soul as it worms its way into our mind and takes control. It steals our childlike innocence and casts into our mind evil thoughts as good, and hypocrisy in the guise of true wisdom, avidity in the guise of conservative frugality, love of glory in the guise of beauty, boastfulness and pride as great austerity, and godlessness as great godliness.

Let the Battle of Armageddon between you and the soul begin. For he who will not stand on guard against the wiles of the soul will become like a city that is desolate, a city like Sodom or Gomorrah, a city where all kinds of wild beasts trample upon it; for the thoughts that are not good are evil wild beasts, and your city will be filled with robbers and you will not be able to acquire peace because all kinds of savage beasts roam its streets, continuously, day and night: the Wicked One doing all he can to destroy your city.

If your thoughts, words and actions are evil it is because the soul is ruling your mind. Stop the upward flow of these thoughts from the soul below as soon as you recognize their hypnotic effect taking over your mind. Watch for that subtle thought entering, that leads you into its' next thought, and the next thought, linking thought after thought until you're in full day-dreaming mode. Turn away from having any conversations with soul. Put on the new mind of knowing what soul is and how it is operating in you. Give no audience to the soul, let that devil influence and infect your righteousness no more. The soul grows off the energy from your mind - stop feeding it!

Resist the whisperings of soul. The soul has subtly injected its' voice into your mind as your own, making you believe that its' thoughts are your thoughts, that its' voice is your voice, that its' ideas are your ideas, that it is you; it has been doing this to you ever since you were a little child.

PROVE these things to your self; apply these things to your self and the understanding thereof will follow from the revelations that will come.

Stop letting the soul rule the kingdom. Use your mind to catch the whisperings of the soul. Become the master of the soul and experience that peace which surpasses all understanding.

You will discover that to live from the mind, free of soul, is not easy. In fact your first thought is that it's impossible, that no one can do this. We can assure you these are just thoughts from the soul trying to keep you from trying or to quit. You may succeed for 5 or 10 minutes the first time, but what follows is a flood of thoughts from the soul; the righteousness of the mind does suffer greatly in this world: "all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.

The design of this creation is to connect the mind to the soul such that we acquire its identity as our own. This soul-mind connection is secretly working in the minds of men and women around the world. The soul obsesses the mind continuously, and we have no awareness. We cannot even become aware, or free ourself, unless we discover for our self who we are, where we are and what is really going on.

Perform this simple observation of yourself - Why is your mind constantly in flux, thinking about one thing after another? Why are you constantly day-dreaming? Why is so much of your thinking focused on what happened in the past? Look around you and see all the people day-dreaming, in a hypnotic trance; they are not even aware of the things going on around them. Remember on a long drive how you missed that last stretch of highway? What was driving the car?

Do not spend your time reading this information over and over, dissecting it to see if the soul agrees with the contents, it won't. Use your mind and apply this knowledge to your self and your life and the lives of those around you to get a first hand experience of your own make-up. In a very short time you will begin to experience the soul-mind relationship; then comes the understanding from that personal experience, and then comes the realization of who you are, where you are and what is going on.

The soul is ever manipulating the mind to keep it unaware and under control: "for to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is Life and Peace."

DO NOT let the soul "puff up" your mind with vain ideas of chosen ones, special, better, unique or any other ego self-righteousness comment.

Stop the soul from controlling you by using the Will of your mind.

Everyone is here for the same reason; and if any teaching precludes anyone from "salvation" or "returning home", for any reason, it is an OCCULT. This is the basic tenet of an Occult or Cult: "that you are different, better, or chosen."

Sat Nam is Satan