"The Light & Sound of Deception"

"Withour Prejudice"


Herein is given to the seeker, the knowledge to understand the mystery kept secret since the world began - Soul.

In reality we have been battling the soul, unaware. We are the slave of the Sat Nam's creation, the soul.

Not knowing, everyone is born into this evil world of Sat Nam and experiences its deceptions of good and evil as "just part of life"; that the soul and its whisperings are righteous; that its voice is our own "little voice" inside. We have not known about the soul and its design; that its purpose is to bind us to the things of this world. So with no other knowledge to work with, across the sands of time, in one form or another, religions and spiuritual teachings have been used by Sat Nam to deceive us in one way or another AND HOLD US HERE. It's time to put an end to Sat Nam's rule over our minds.

We are not the animal, the mammal, the Homo sapien sapien called man; but inside the man dwells the soul, and inside the soul, us, the mind. The design doesn't get any simpler than this.

The soul is the seat of all our appetites, the seat of all our emotions and passions, and the cause of all our mind's activity. The soul is bad, evil, disagreeable, displeasing, malignant, unpleasant, unhappy, miserable, and gives us great pain. The soul is sad, hurtful, unkind and vicious; it is ethically wicked in thought, word and deed. The soul has cunning craftiness whereby it lays in wait and uses good to deceive us from learning of its existence and its true nature. Yes it uses good to conceal its true identity, and its design is to refuse us the understanding of invisible things, and to keep us focused in its' worlds.

The soul's design is for michief: it is full of lust, anger, greed, attachment and vanity. We seem to be fighting with our self all life long to be good, and do the right thing, when in reality we are battling the evil soul inside. The soul deceives you that these negatives are of you, the mind; that you alone are responsible for any and all wrongs in your life. Not knowing the correct relationship, we believe this lie.

It is the soul which causes us to chase after wealth, fame, honor, long life, and all the things of this world. It is also the soul which destroys our hopes, our dreams, and holds us in captivity to its iniquities. The soul's power is great. What the soul desires we chase after. The soul's control and rule over us rests in keeping us ignorant of its self and its ways; preoccupied with the things of this world.

Think about the ways and methods you have used to trick and deceive others? Could these be the same tactics soul uses to trick and deceive you? To the hungry soul every bitter thing can be made sweet with "justification through rationalization". The soul causes doubt through its subtle whisperings. The soul studies good and evil, that an opportunity may give rise to allow it to do its mischief.

It is the soul which has blinded us from seeing that which has been written in plain sight on the pages of the Eckankar's teachings. If you still cannot see the inconsistancies and errors it is because you are still following the dictates of the stored information in the soul from the teaching; information put there through reading and listening. We have been walking after the imagination of the soul and the god of this world Sat Nam.

The soul is Sat Nan's (Satan's) creation: it savers the things of this world. The soul works wickedness and hides behind good. It works to gain control and lead us astray from our youth; corrupting us so we will not cease from loving the ways of the flesh. While wisdom may summon us, we desire phenomena. Not by our self do we do these things, but it is the soul within that creates the desire.

Soul has ruled over us because we have not had the knowledge and the understanding to correct our self. Until now we have been unable to comprehend soul, let alone understand its design.

Soul deceives us into believing that we are saved, or spiritual, or on the path, by using the very clever deceptions of "book knowledge" and "Phenomena," whereby we believe that what we know and saw means we are saved, spiritual or on the path. The soul keeps us "for ever learning, deceived, and never able to come to the truth."

It's time to step off the circular path of soul (reincarnation), which leads nowhere, except back here, and step onto the path of personal inner enlightenment about soul, Sat Nam, Who your are, Where you are, and Why you are here.

It is time for us to turn away from Sat Nam's false teachings, and soul superstitions of the past, and learn the truth which can set us free from bondage to soul and these deceptions of Sat Nam.

All the teachings of Sat Nam, religious and spiritual, have the same thing in common, they ALL teach you are SOUL. This is the greatest lie of Sat Nam, and all his teachings teach this. (All religions and spiritual teachings have been designed by Satan and his followers.)

Soul is a golden bubble, with a virtual reality machine (imagination), designed by Satan to hold us here in the Inner Worlds. Inside the soul is a microcosm of the macrocosm. Soul travel is just that, travelling around inside the soul body (the microcosm). Even a "near death experience" is a quick trip into the microcosm (soul body) and a deception: remember, even Satan can transform himself into an Angel of Light. There is only ONE being who can take you out of here, and it's not going to be Satnam or the Mahanta.

The virtual reality machine, the imagination, is known as the "Time Track" in many spiritual teachings, even Scientology. Out of one side flows images from the past, and out of the other side flows the creative imagination of probbable future images. The Time Track is also located in the Soul Body just waiting to show you imagined past lives, and imagined future events based on your stored Karmic Imagery.

There is nothing unknown which cannot be known by the seeker. Happy is the wise man that seeks after the truth and finds it; for when he has found it, it is his strength to resist those evil souls who want to derail him.