"The Light & Sound of Deception"

"Withour Prejudice"


Satnam is the Creator of the Egg. Satnam is the creator of ALL the Worlds inside the Egg. So instead of following the hearsay of a Master, why not travel to the Soul Realm where Satnam appears, and learn directly from the Creator?

All you need is the Knowledge of where the Soul Plane is, how to access the Soul Plane, and where to go to visit with Sat Nam once you are on the Soul Realm. Herein you are now given this secret knowledge of the so-called masters.

Although the Soul Realm or Soul Plane is sometimes described like a construct of a nebulous level, like all the Inner Realms of form, the Soul Plane has a form, just like the Lower & Upper Astral Planes, just like the Lower & Upper Mental Realms, and the Physical, they are all Mountains of Light just like exactly as shown in the Drawing of The Inner Worlds.

The so-called Sound Current doesn't mean that you are on any special realm because you hear a specific sound. The Sound Current is the sound you hear leaving a realm, or approaching a realm. It is also used as a deception to the unknowing student. Chanting or singing words or sounds will not take you there; and hearing certain sounds does not mean you are or were there.

To get to the various worlds of form you have to know what they look like and how to access them as they are just mountain ranges out in the vast unknown. To travel to the five invisible realms of form you need to mock-up the mountain range of the Realm you want to visit at your third eye, and then go. To access the Realm simply fly right into the mountain; the Realm is on the inside. For Example: let's say you wanted to visit Satnam on the Soul Realm. First you need to know what that mountain rage looks like, and then you need to know where to find him once inside. Then you could visit Satan and find things out for yourself.

Below is the image of the soul realm that you need to place at your third eye: like the woman in the picture above.

Visiting Sat Nam:   The success of the technique depends upon your ability to "pretend" and nothing else. All you have to do is to pretend to see the image at the third eye. Next you pretend to fly out through the third eye and into the image. Then you pretend what is happening. You have to do all this without thinking. Just let things develop. Go with the flow. Just pretend like the little child does with their imaginary friend, talking, listening, and acting out with their imaginary friend. The child doesn't question or wonder whether there is an imaginary friend, the friend is just there and playing along with them.

If you are startled or frightened by what you experience, then just like the dream state, you will come out of it. So there is nothing to fear. If you are questioning, thinking about, analyzing or wondering why nothing is happening, you will never get anywhere.

Being absent of thought, and pretending your way out and into the image, brings success. Don't try to push it or force it, and at some point the pretending will be taken over by the actual experience, and you will be going with the flow inside Soul's virtual reality.

Again; imagine an image; pretend to see it out there on the other side of the third eye; pretend to move out and into the image; pretend how things are unfolding until it takes over and then go with the flow as the pretending comes to life. You do it all the time when you are day dreaming about something from the past; as Soul has pulled you out and into its imagery. The only difference is this time YOU are providing the stimuli to trigger Soul's response.

The more often you practice the technique, the sooner you will get results. Those with less analytical minds will find it easier; children can do it naturally.

Technique:   Find a chair in a quiet area of your home. Sit up straight and get comfortable. Close your eyes gently and relax from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Squirm around and wriggle in your chair until you are comfortable and relaxed. Take a couple of deep breaths to release any residual stress and focus your attention at the third eye, and pretend to visualize the image of the "Soul Realm".

Now PRETEND that you fly out towards the "Soul Plane" and then fly right into the center of the soul realm.

Pretend you see three pillars and fly between the two on the left.

Pretend you fly into the Hall of Audiences where you see a platform at the front of the room and there on the platform is Sat Nam in his spiritual body - a golden ellipse. See Drawing below.

Fly up to Sat Nam and ask your question.

PRETEND, PRETEND, PRETEND: don't "think" about whether it's happening or not. That is the secret to create the "Magic of Soul"TM. As long as you don't start thinking about and analyzing what's happening, and as long as you don't try to control or direct the scene, you will start to see a scene unfolding. Just watch like you would a movie or a show and go with the flow like the daydream.

When you're finished, just open your eyes. Above all don't be concerned if you are not having lucid visuals like in the dream state; the lucid visual is the exception and not the norm. Most people just see it happening in the twilight state as they are unable to fully penetrate the dark void. You see like you would if you walked around your home at night with all the lights off.

Like any skill in life, you master that skill & become proficient by practice, practice, and more practice, not by knowing the information or instructions in a book. Patience and persistance brings results.

12TH. Century Icon of the Soul Plane

Just as the Egyptians sought to bring down "Heaven On Earth" with the pyramids arranged as Orion's Belt, so too the Hindu's brought down the Soul Real to Earth - Angkor Wat.

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